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bye bye ticks (spray)


4oz amber tinted spray bottle

Pests are repelled by scent, making essential oils extremely effective against ticks. They are not as convenient as the dreaded pesticide applications, but the benefits outweigh the bother.  No pesticides and they smell great too, plus you get to spend some QT with your pup when you apply it!  You can spray it on your hands and then massage it into their fur or spray it right on them.

I use the gentlest blends of essential oils in the smallest dilution necessary to still be super effective.  More does not mean better protection. Application frequency is individual. You can determine your optimal frequency of use with a little trial and error. Determining factors are the health of your dog, exposure and weather. They must be frequently reapplied to be effective. Works well on humans and horses too!

Ingredients :  Distilled Water, Vodka, Castor Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, GSE, Essential oil blend of: Geranium, Myrhh, Opoponax, Rosewood, Lavender, and Bay Leaf

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