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Wicked Whiskers - beard balm

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This beard balm improves the overall health of your beard and the skin under it.  WW will help condition your manly whiskers to help reach their maximum manliness.  It restores dull looking hair, decreases itchiness while getting rid of "bead-ruff", prevets breakage and strenghtens hair so your beard can grow long and healthy.  It heals skin problems under your beard so the skin can look and feel healthy.

WW 's ingredients are a combination of essential oils, nut butters, seed oils and beeswax. The essential oils are a unique blend that not only smell great, but stregthen the hair. The oils and butters add vitamins and minerals while conditioning the hair and skin under the beard.  It will give you that perfect manly look.

Wicked Whiskers has a base of:


*Maracuja Butte r - increases natural hair growth. moisturizes skin & beard, high in vitamins & minerals

*Argan Oi l - repairs split ends, prevents breakage, increases overall healthy beard appearance.

*Jojoba Oi l - helps follicles grow new hair, dissolves sebum buildup, moisturizes & conditions hair, controls "beard-ruff", anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-microbial, corrects imbalanced skin, hair & skin repair.

Shea Butter - emollient, anti-inflammatory, sunblock, allows hair follicles to be repaired & rejuvenated, promotes robust beard growth

*Coconut Oil - stimulates hair growth, adds luster, shine & softness to hair, prevents breakage & split ends contributing to a longer beard.

Castor Oil - emollient, penetrative

Beeswax - handmade from a trusted local bee keeper. adds thickness to the balm

Vitamin E Oil - natural antioxidant preservative

* Prickly Pear Seed Oil - sustainable, high in fatty acids, antioxidants, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, protects hair from sun damage, deeply condition, heals & repairs skin texture. the single best oil available!


Essential oil blend of:

Spruce Fir




--Helps stimulate hair growth, strengthens hair & they smell great too!

This beard balm is all natural and uses the finest ingredients available because we care what you put on your face!

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