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Hot Spot Healer - .5 fl oz


This is for those dreaded doggy hot spots (Moist Acute Pyoderma).

This is my moist involved potion because it takes 2+ days to create.  

It is a blend of hazelnut oil, Sage EO, Lavender EO, and Clove Bud Infusion.

I personally make the infusion with low heat over a 2 day span.  The Clove Bud Infusion provides analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects without the risk of irritation.

Sage is stimulating and aids in tissue regeneration as well as beneficial in its antibacterial and antiviral effects. It is perfect for a rapidly spreading  condition such as Hot Spots.  

Lavender acts as a central nervous system sedative, calming the itch. It also has powerful, yet gentle antibacterial and regenerative properties.

Hazelnut oil aids in the skin absorption.

This blend is designed to stop the hot spot in its tracks!  These things can quickly spread. They are painful, itchy and are usually open and weeping.  

USAGE:  2-4 sprays several times a day until the weeping has stopped and healing begins.  Then you can move on to the "boo boo balm"!!!

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