prickly pup llc 
Holistic Care for Dogs, Humans and Horses

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My name is Amy Middlecamp. I opened up a small errand business, At CHORE Service in 2008 and it has slowly grown into my full time career.  I now have over 60 happy clients.  I decided to launch prickly pup llc because of the needs of my current clients. They are always asking me for advice about how to care for their pups. Any problems from diarrhea to cuts to flea and tick protection.  What I took away from our conversations was the overall need for less drugs and more natural healing.  About this same time, a family member reintroduced me to essential oils.  The oils I use are the BEST, pure therapeutic grade oils. Dogs are very sensitive, so all of the oils are highly diluted with soothing nut and seed oils.  These provide lots of vitamins and minerals.  All of my recipes are carefully researched and tested out on my own dogs (Rucker D & Oliver) and his friends. I believe in the healing power of these oils as well as my products.  EVERY ONE of these products is safe enough to use on humans.  

Prickly Pup was developed with our 4 legged friends in mind.  Their bodies, and specifically their noses are way more sensitive than ours. I use the best essential oils available. So all of my products with essential oils are diluted with nut and/or seed oils. These "carrier" oils provide a wealth of benefits too. They add vitamins and minerals as well as SPF, anti-bacterial properties and have many other benefits. They are safe for dogs and horses and definitely safe for humans, even little baby humans. I've had a lot of friends and family members ask me to make them balms and sprays.  My bug spray was used more for the humans than animals this summer.  People love the smell and protection they get.  I used it all summer, walking through the woods and didn't get one mosquito bite!  I use only NATURAL INGREDIENTS.  Nothing synthetic.  I even use natural preservatives (vitamin E oil and Grapefruit Seed Extract). Please keep your products refrigerated for best shelf life. I use organic when it's available.  If you are looking for a potion and you don't see it, please ask.  I make fresh batches of products often and will be glad to make you anything you need.  Unfortunately kitties are super sensitive, so I only have one product for them- Boo Boo Kitty.  It does not contain any essential oils.   I do not feel that EOs are safe to use on them.